• Make your party wayyyyy cooler like these guys with PPKL’s pinata

    Hi everyone!

    Today I stumbled upon a blog post written by one of our valued clients about her 7 ideas to celebrate your parties better. The blogger is a lovely young lady named Sofia Naznim.

    I think her tips on hosting parties are really great and you guys should really checked it out! 🙂

    Click on this image to learn her tips…

    Have a great day everyone!

    Diyana Y.

so far.

  1. Sofia Naznim says:

    Dear Diyana,

    Thanks for sharing my article on your blog. It’s a great experience for me and my colleagues and I’m sure I will repeat my orders with you soon. Your pinatas are just way too cool and you’re just too nice as a person. Luv it! Thanks dear. 🙂


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